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Survive or Thrive in 2022? - It's your choice ...

Are you frustrated by consistently poor ROI from your sales operation? Sandler West Midlands has the tools and techniques to help you break free from the buyer-seller dance and stop you and and your people wasting effort chasing prospects that will never buy.



Your most agile competitors are making the most of the economic bounceback - how will you make sure that your organisation is not left behind? - dynamic sales leadership is the key


The time for dynamic sales leadership is now. Covid-19 may have disrupted what you and your customers do but it doesn’t need to change who you are.




IWe have all faced unprecedented commercial and leadership challenges. Your people look to you, as leader, to give hope and set the tone for your organisation’s response to the earthquake taking place in your commercial, customer and business landscape.

Your people are anxious. They are looking to you to show determination that your organisation is not going to participate in the recession that’s already upon your competitors, and that they have a future in your organisation.
In this situation there is opportunity.
There is also great risk



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Why salespeople fail panel

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This report is all about making and exceeding those all-important sales numbers and sales forecasts. It’s an eye-opening look at the deficiencies of modern-day selling systems and sales management efforts, prepared by the company that literally rewrote the book on selling. Learn a new way of selling that puts the salesperson in control of the selling process and end the 'buyer-seller dance'.

LinkedIn panel

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LinkedIn allows you to connect with people in a targeted way to add value to others, share insights, and build out your network with prospects. Sandler Training experts explain how to maximize your sales prospecting in 20 minutes a day and avoid missing opportunities to generate new referrals and sales.  How often do you accept LinkedIn connections from strangers? Change your approach and get qualified prospects.

Mark Wormald

Mark is a sales professional with 30 years’ experience in engineering, sales and sales management in blue-chip companies in the technology sector including Canon, Northrop Grumman and major players in the IT industry.

Originally an electronics engineer by profession, Mark spent his whole career sceptical of salesmen, sales methods and sales training. His team now helps sales people, sales directors and engineers win business without being ‘salesy.’ He operates at both strategic and tactical level and is now in his 15th year as CEO of Sandler Training in the West Midlands.

Mark’s ideal clients are ambitious leaders of progressive businesses in technology, manufacturing and professional services in the West Midlands region. He has worked with many Midlands based manufacturing and tech firms in both SME and corporate including JCB, JLR, Worcester Bosch and Oracle as well as a growing number of forward-looking professional services firms.

Sandler Training specialises in Sales Enhancement and Strategic Customer Service to improve the customer whole-of-life experience at every touch point.

Mark is married with 3 kids. He lives in the sticks near Ludlow and loves fly fishing for trout on the local wild Welsh rivers.


Mark Wormald, CEO, Sandler West Midlands 07977 540216 - | | LinkedIn





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