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Making Channel Sales Work

Building a premium channel selling program

Discover practical tools that teach you how to:

  • Build and nurture winning relationships with value-added resellers

  • Identify the appropriate partners

  • Train your sales team and your partner's sales team to work together seamlessly

What are your rights as a channel sales manager?

Most managers look at us with a blank stare when we ask them that question. The problem is, you could be giving away significant leverage if you don’t understand your rights as the manager in a third-party selling relationship. To learn what your rights are, download this FREE sample chapter from the breakthrough book Making Channel Sales Work.

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About the Author

Marcus Cauchi

Marcus Cauchi is a Sandler trainer located in the southeast region of the United Kingdom where he has been successfully serving his clients since 2004. He is an engaging and challenging speaker on sales, sales management, company turnaround, achieving maximum cash at exit and successful recruitment of salespeople.

About the Author

David Davies

David Davies is the owner of Sandler Training Thames Valley in the United Kingdom. With more than 25 years of international sales and business development experience, Davies has been instrumental in helping organizations achieve lasting sales success. A passionate, innovative, and award-winning sales coach, he is recognized for transforming potential into pro table performance.